About us

Visca provides complete services from basic research in sensing and microsystem needs to fabrication and evaluation of working prototypes.  This includes the design, fabrication, and implementation of sensing array systems including wireless communication and data fusion. Visca works in collaboration with the Smart Sensors and Integrated Microsystems (SSIM) Program at Wayne State University and their extensive microfabrication and materials analysis facilities. 


Expertise is in the area of design, computer simulation, and manufacturing fabrication strategies for the development of MEMS, microsystems, microsensor technologies and smart packaging.  This includes the communication, hardware and software for sensing arrays and smart data transfer for user interface.  

Prototype Fabrication:

Visca technical staff has extensive experience in standard micro electronic fabrication techniques and the development of novel prototyping techniques for the microfabrication of MEMS, microsystems and microsensor technologies.  This includes access to world-class microfabrication clean room and materials analytical facilities through the Wayne State University's Smart Sensor and Integrated Microsystem (SSIM) Program.  Manufacturing options range from meso to nano systems for electronic devices, VLSI integration, MEMS, and microfluidic systems.